5 Steps to a Successful Home Technology Project

Get a Unique Solution with Our Expert Design and Engineering Services

At House Systems, we are committed to giving each of our New York City clients solutions created to meet their unique needs, preferences, and priorities. For this reason, none of our projects are simple plug-in-and-play varieties. They are each designed to meet the requirements of the job at hand whether you’re looking to revamp your media room, install a smart lighting system, or full home automation. While many companies outsource their design and engineering services, we keep them in-house to make sure they match up with the vision we created jointly during our initial consultation.

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All of our projects begin with a discovery meeting where we get to know you through a meaningful back-and-forth discussion. By having a real conversation, we can offer up advice on the smart technology and entertainment solutions that would fit best. Sometimes we will include a walk-through of your home so we can get to know the space and offer better recommendations.  This collaborative approach means you get a one-of-a-kind system that feels uniquely yours

Design & Engineering

After we’ve finished our initial consultations, we’ll work with our engineers to get your vision down on paper. We use CAD (computer-aided drafting) drawings to create easy-to-read-designs that forward our clients’ vision to everyone involved in the process. As part of our design and engineering services, we offer a wide range of documentation, each with a separate role:


Once the client has approved our design and engineering plans, we’ll move forward with the installation based strictly on the elevation drawings and schematic displays. Our installations take place in two stages. First, we go into the home and do the initial pre-wire. We place all necessary wiring behind walls and leave exposed only what will connect directly to the hardware.

After the initial pre-wiring is complete, our expert technicians will go in and put in all the necessary hardware. This will include televisions, racks, touch panels, wall switches, as well as in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. Once this part of the installation is complete, there should be no exposed wires remaining.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Before we deliver the finished project to our clients, we do thorough testing and quality assurance. In our home automation projects, we ensure that all control panels, remotes, and switches work as planned to manage lights, climate, security, shades, and more. As part of our quality assurance, we also calibrate all speakers and screens for the ultimate audio/video quality.

Delivery & Training

The final step is handing the project over to the homeowner. We deliver the final as-built documentation and walk them throughout the space to get final approval. Before we leave, we teach our clients how to use everything and answer all questions. Afterwards, we are always there for clients if they have any questions or want to make upgrades to their system.

Whether you want us to design a technology system for new construction or a retrofit solution for an existing home, we are here to help. Just call us at (800)-357-5124 or fill out our online contact form for a free consultation.