How Your Building Residents Could Benefit from a House Systems HOME TECHNOLOGY CONCIERGE

Make it Easy for Residents to install their Home Entertainment Systems, Attractive Lighting & Controls, Motorized Window Treatments & Shades, Internet Network (Wi-Fi), Remote Controls…..and more

When selling a residential building and property it takes more than a hot marketing campaign to attract buyers. They expect a full range of building services and amenities that range from comfortable common spaces, lounges, children’s play rooms, fitness centers, IMAX Private Theaters, valet services, etc. to make their purchase worthwhile. They also expect to have an abundance of in-home technology options available, and that’s where House Systems steps in. Our Home Technology Concierge program makes it easy for your residents to request help whether it’s a new HDTV mounted on a wall, a surround sound audio system, a secure W-Fi network, beautiful silent shades, ambient lighting scenes or a brand new security system.

Our Home Technology Concierge program is active in 150 buildings. It has become so popular it was rated by a NYC property management group as the #1 requested building amenity service – voted by the residents themselves.

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What Services are included in the Home Technology Concierge?

Residents can directly request a wide variety of in-home technology services:

How Can You Integrate our Home Technology Concierge into your building?

Once you’ve signed up for our Home Technology Concierge program (there is no cost), you’ll be assigned a Home Technology Manager (HTM). The HTM will oversee the program with you and work with your management team and building staff to promote the new services to your residents.

If you would like to learn more about our Home Technology Concierge program and how to bring it to your property and residents, give us a call at 1 (800) 357-5124 or fill out our online contact form. A full description of the program is provided on request and includes an introductory launch package and agenda.