House Systems was contracted by Theory to design and install one of Manhattan’s most remarkable high exposure multi-media experiences. This install was located in the heart of NYC’s meat packing district during Fashion Week 2010. Thousands were drawn to the experience. The project included converting a 15’ glass store front into a movie screen. Theory is an international women’s and men’s contemporary clothing store at the forefront of the fashion world. The goal of the media showcase was to attract large crowds by presenting some new clothing lines in the middle window of the store facing the street. But not on a mannequin. By tuning the glass into a live high definition digital display with life sized images. We accomplished exactly that. It was a huge success.

House Systems team of media professionals installed roll on SpyeGlass Vikuiti HD film (and 2nd layer Spye Anti-Glare film) on the window. A specialized process by trained technicians only. The center window chosen was facing the main street. It was 15′ high and 7′ wide. We installed an Eiki 15,000 lumens projector inside the store that projected content from the stores website on to the glass film. The view from outside the store was bright and creative. It was like watching a high def movie screen from the street. Clip were shown from fashion shows with models going down the runway showing different clothing designs. Traffic literally came to a screeching halt. The store can’t wait to repeat again next year with a few more windows this time. Given the intense nature of the project and short timeline (2 week’s advance notice) we categorize this job as one of our fastest and largest. It was a real pleasure working with the entire team from Theory during the process. Everyone was very supportive. On launch night everything went off without a glitch. Amazing. We are looking forward to the challenge of 2011-2012.