IMAX Private Theater

House Systems Installs IMAX Private Theaters

House Systems is very pleased to announce its appointment as an authorized IMAX Private Theatre Dealer™

In the world of commercial theater, nothing quite says over the top entertainment like IMAX. IMAX is the ultimate way to bring movies to life.

Imagine being able to experience all your favorite movies, sports and the Super Bowl, TV programming, video games…in IMAX right in the luxury comfort of your home.

Each IMAX Private Theatre has a state-of-the art 4K Ultra HD projection system with four times the resolution of regular high definition. What’s more, you are totally immersed in the action by the legendary IMAX floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall movie screen – while seated in comfort with perfect site lines.

Your IMAX Private Theatre also has all the required components for the PRIMA Cinema movie service that enables you to watch the very latest Hollywood blockbuster films on the first day of their theatrical release. It’s like being able to have a red carpet premiere at your own home.

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