IMAX Private Theater

A private IMAX theater screen will completely immerse you into the action all while keeping safety and energy costs in mind. For the true visionary, this will give you the most unique screen in the neighborhood.

Theater Design

Your Personal Theatre of Dreams

And from that core comes IMAX Private Theatre™ — a home entertainment solution so all-encompassing it transcends reality, maximizing your sensory immersion and taking you to heights never before attained. IMAX Private Theatre™ is for those who embrace the future, and who want to live it today.

IMAX Marketing Deck
IMAX Private Theatre Palais™

IMAX Private Theatre Palais™ brings patented IMAX® technology and its immersive experience to medium-sized private theatres of between 8 and 20 seats. To ensure ongoing satisfaction, IMAX Private Theatre Palais™ benefits from a smart daily image calibration function and 24/7 system performance monitoring.

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