Domino Park

Two Trees – Domino Park

The Domino Sugar Refinery is a former refinery in the neighborhood of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York City. It was the original refinery of the American Sugar Refining Company, which produced Domino brand sugar. The current complex dates from 1882, when it was the largest sugar refinery in the world. Refining operations stopped in 2004, and as of 2017 the property is under redevelopment as office space, residential towers, and parkland. Several of the buildings in the complex were given landmark status in 2007. House Systems deployed the building and parklands Wi-Fi network with over 35 indoor and outdoor WAPS. In addition, house Systems provided the fiber backbone and terminals ensuring modern day technology practices for the building and its surroundings. Unique installation fact: For the park area, House Systems helped to coordinate the installation of the outdoor weather proof and sealed WI-FI compartments (15qty) to be installed underneath the seating part of the park benches dotted around the outdoor recreational area.