Access Control & Surveillance Systems

The ability to monitor your home while away, remotely open and close doors and/or require fingerprints for entrance offers you an exponential level of comfort and security.

Access Control & Surveillance Systems

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems monitor certain conditions in your home and can trigger alarms and report automatically to you and/or a central monitoring station in the event of a breach. Your home and property can be automatically monitored for unwanted intrusion, smoke, fire, gas leaks, and water leaks.

Biometric Readers

House Systems can design a setup whereby access to your home is granted only by recognizing fingerprints, retinas or hand contours. There is no way to get in unless a preauthorized person is present.

Keyless Entry

No longer will you need to fumble for your keys when a simple touch will unlock the door to your home. Additionally, you can remotely control who does or does not have access into your home.



Verbally communicate with someone on the outside of your gate or door so you can confirm their identity before letting them inside.

IP Cameras

Internet Protocol cameras streamline the security process and transmit their signal and feed to a computer or phone screen, giving you access at all points.


Network Video Recorders

Invaluable is the knowledge and comfort of knowing you can have a record of all the comings and goings at your doorstep or any room in your home. This reference offers you some more information and clues about something that seems out of place.

iOS Control

All of your security systems can be controlled and monitored digitally. This cuts down on equipment pieces and increases the ease of communication between devices.