Lighting, Shades, and HVAC Control

Look and feel is about more than just what is coming from screens and speakers. Lighting, privacy and air comfort are vital parts of the ambience of any room.

Keypads & Dimmers

Custom keypads and dimmers are designed to put all lighting controls in one place, creating a command center for your home system.

LED Lighting

The brilliance of Light Emitting Devices will be instantly noticeable in the color and brightness of the room. You will see a difference.

Outdoor Lighting

Create an outdoor den complete with mood lighting no matter the time of day or night. Our setup can give you a home outside of home.

Motorized Solar & Blackout Shades

Without walking to the window you can control the placement of the shades and how much light is getting in from the outside. This offers the ultimate in convenience.

Smart Thermostats

A room is only going to be as comfortable as you feel and smart thermostats give you the ability to manipulate the air temperature from the palm of your hand.

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