One Columbus Place

Brodsky – One Columbus Place

Located in the midtown Manhattan on the Westside of New York City, this building’s amenities went through a significant improvement for the residents. Amenity spaces were expanded to accommodate new fitness facilities, lounges, children’s play rooms, laundry facilities, the list goes on and on. House Systems working in conjunction with the dedicated management team from Brodsky and industry trades accomplished 1st rate construction and renovation including the latest market available technologies throughout the building as well as Brodsky’s corporate offices. In addition, House Systems upgraded the buildings entire access control and security surveillance systems (65+ high resolution digital indoor and outdoor weather proof cameras, elevators, garage, etc…connected to an NVR and controlled on site and remotely). The security systems at One Columbus we’re part of a building portfolio upgrade initiative where all Brodsky owned buildings (30+ properties) underwent various technology upgrades. Unique installation fact: All service areas in the building where access permission is required included voice activation and video recognition compliance.