The Rollins @ 145 Clinton

Essex Crossing The Rollins @ 145 Clinton

As Essex Crossing (BFC Partners, Taconic Investment and L&M Development Partners ) stands their latest New York City urban renewal development at the base of The Williamsburg bridge. House Systems installed the public amenity area media entertainment systems including audio and video systems and a fitness on demand interactive media display for residents to access real time videos and instructional classes. Unique installation fact: 15 years ago, House Systems sister company – Gym Systems, installed for BFC Partners a fitness entertainment system for 40 Bond Street which included NYC’s first IPOD controlled in-pool private audio listening system. Each of the 6 Recreonics 200lb brass enclosed speakers were concrete molded and encased in the foundation of the 50′ lap pool. Residents simply docked their IPOD in the IPOD dock, selected their music and hopped in the pool. No headphones needed!