Make Your Building’s Common Areas Stand Out with AV Distribution

Create the Ultimate Environment for Guests and Residents in Your MDU

When it comes to designing the common areas in your multi-dwelling unit (MDU) in New York, a lot of thought likely went into the building’s unique style. Often forgotten is the importance of a comprehensive commercial media distribution solution that can enhance your entertainment areas while helping you set the right ambiance in your space. Read on to see some of the ways this technology can help your MDU stand out from the competition.

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Offer a Custom Music Selection

Want to make residents feel like they’re living in a luxury hotel? A great way to set the right ambience is to have background music playing throughout your lobby and common areas. With a commercial media distribution system, it’s easy for you to broadcast a curated playlist featuring classical music. When you need to make changes to the music for a specific season, you can do so through a dedicated touchpad. Want to make sure you don’t disrupt residents with late-night music? Schedule your playlist to turn off at 11 p.m. every night and turn back up at 8 a.m.

Enhance your Entertainment Spaces

One of the ways that you can make your MDU stand out is to create dedicated entertainment spaces that all residents can use. Among the most popular options are private theaters, multi-purpose party rooms, and patio or ceiling lounge areas. With a commercial media distribution system, you can make it easy for residents to choose the music, movies, or TV shows they want to enjoy. You can even have built-in streaming services so guests don’t have to provide their own music to host friends.

Increase Sales with Digital Signage

When you have prospective residents visiting for the first time, digital signage can be a great way to promote all of your building’s features. Have televisions in the lobby and sales office featuring video footage of your available units and common areas. Through your media distribution system, it’s easy for you to switch out content when new units become available or you want to feature a new area of your building. You can even install interactive screens that let visitors take a virtual tour of your building.

Communicate Efficiently With Residents

Add an intercom system to make it easy to communicate with all the units simultaneously. This is especially useful when it comes to emergencies—when you can broadcast instructions throughout your common areas and hallways to facilitate evacuation. These intercom systems can also be used to announce upcoming events or services taking place in the building like a new yoga class opening up on Saturdays in the building spa.

Are you looking for new ways to increase sales and resident satisfaction in your New York MDU? Contact House Systems to find out how their commercial automation and AV services can help.