3 Benefits of Using a Smart Home Surveillance System

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When people think of home surveillance, they’re probably going to have two distinct styles in mind: the nanny cam hidden in a household object or a camera with a grainy, limited view of the front door or garage. With the advent of smart technology, however, watching your home has become an interactive experience. By working with a professional, you can get a system that is intuitive and easy to manage. Read on to find out why a smart surveillance system is the best option for your New York home.

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Get the Most Out of Your Surveillance Cameras

Obviously, any home surveillance system is only going to be as good as its cameras. The expert integrators at House Systems help you find the right cameras to match your needs. Depending on the layout of your home or apartment, and how your family interacts with it, we’ll also decide where the best location for those cameras is.

Once we know where to place the cameras, it’s time to figure out which work best for each location. Some areas—like a backyard—can still benefit from a static long-range camera. In areas where movement is expected closer to the camera, you can benefit from models with zoom, tilt and pan capabilities. To make sure you get action as soon as it happens, install motion-detection cameras that begin recording as soon as they sense movement in their field of vision.

Make it Easy to Manage Your Surveillance Footage

A smart home surveillance system can also give you easy access to your footage. First of all, by installing motion-detection cameras, you can limit the amount of unnecessary recordings you have. There’s no need to look through hours of video with no relevant action to find the 15-minute clip you need.

Aside from narrowing down the amount of footage, you can also access it in a variety of ways. You can record it on a DVR or computer hard drive and watch from your tablet, laptop, TV or smartphone. From your smartphone, you can look in on your surveillance while away from home and receive video alerts when your motion-detection cameras record a new clip.

Integrate All Your Technology to Boost Security

To get the most out of your smart home surveillance system, you need to incorporate other components. This means your system interacts with others in the home –be it lighting or security—to get the best results. For example, have your cameras activate the alarm every time they sense movement in specific areas.

For outdoor purposes, it can be useful to integrate your home lighting control. When a camera senses movement in its field of view, it can flood the area with light. Not only could the lights deter any potential burglar, but they ensure you get clearer images on camera.

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