How Can Commercial AV Make Your Business More Profitable?

Keep Customers Happy and Engaged With a Custom Solution

If you work in the service industry, your company has one primary goal: to keep your clients happy. Make it easier to do this with a commercial AV solution that helps employees manage your business’s audiovisual components. Centralized control saves time –and money—and makes it easy to respond to your clients’ needs and demands. Below we take a look at some of the ways the right AV system can set your business apart.


Few companies benefit from good audiovisuals as much as restaurants or bars. Music playing too loudly may hinder patrons’ conversation—and satisfaction—while music playing too low can create a stale environment. With a commercial AV system, you can save the settings that work best and pull them up at a later time from a touchpad, remote or even employees’ smartphones.

As the axiom says, “The customer is always right”. Your system also makes it easy to respond to customer’s requests. With centralized control, you can quickly change channels on different televisions or adjust the volume on individual speakers.

While you want your sound and images to stand out, you don’t want your equipment to do the same. With a professional installation, it’s all hidden from view. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers blend into your business’ particular style or theme. Meanwhile, all source components are hidden away in an AV closet.


Gyms and spas are all about creating the right atmosphere. In a gym, your commercial AV system lets you boom energizing playlists throughout your space. For more advanced installations, you can share control with customers. From a menu on their treadmill or exercise station, clients can change the TV station or radio station to one better suited to them.

In a spa, the right atmosphere is everything. Keep all your audiovisual equipment hidden from view to create a more calming environment for clients. You can then use the control device of your choice to pick out predetermined playlists. If clients would prefer music to be softer or louder, it’s easy for employees to make the necessary changes.


Attract customers to your store with strong, dynamic images near windows. You can also play images or looping video in areas of your store where clients are likely to linger—near dressing rooms or checkout lines. One of the benefits of using digital signage through your commercial AV system is that it’s easy to change from one ad to the next. There’s no dismantling or re-installing equipment, all you have to do is press a button to get the next image or video up on the screen.

Once you’ve brought clients into your store, create an engaging environment for them. Start simple with a playlist that pushes your personal branding —the latest radio hits for stylish clothing stores, high-energy music for active wear. Use interactive menus where clients can learn more about your products and make purchases. Where it makes sense, you can also have educational videos playing to explain how certain items work.

Keep your customers satisfied with dynamic audiovisual content in your business. Contact House Systems to install a custom commercial AV solution in your space.