4 Ways Motorized Shades Add Value to Your NYC Property

Your Tenants Will Feel More at Home with These Additional Benefits

Property developers in New York City are always looking for unique amenities to set their spaces apart from the heavy competition that lurks in the area. At the mention of standout features that set properties apart from the rest, what do you think of? Luxury pools and spas may come to mind, or valet parking, home theaters, and top-grade gyms. But here’s one you probably skipped: motorized shades.

You might scoff, but motorized shades truly offer a ton of overlooked benefits to New York properties—benefits that can effectively boost the value and demand of your spaces. How, you might ask? We’ve listed four ways below.

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With motorized shades added to the window treatments in your building, tenants can manage daylight virtually any way they want to—from a wall keypad, IR remote control, or smart device. At just the press of a button, motorized shades can lift and lower throughout the entire home or in specific rooms to bring in morning daylight or shield furnishings from the sun.

With an automated control system, tenants can even set their shades to an astronomic time clock for automatic adjustment. As the sun rises, the shades will follow. And when the evening arrives, the shades will slowly lower until they close completely at the end of sunset.

Better Security

Tenants can feel safer while at home or away by using a whole-home shading system for easy control of all shades in their living space. When they’re ready to leave for work, have fun on the town, or go to sleep, they can simply press “Away” on their chosen remote and watch as their shades close at once to restrict passersby from seeing inside.


We partner with top shading manufacturer Lutron which offers a wide variety of shades that are equally beautiful and functional for any space in your building. Choose from roller shades, drapery, Roman shades, skylights, honeycomb shades, wood blinds, and more. You can even combine multiple styles for a unique look.

Energy Savings

Your tenants will love the benefit of saving on energy bills with motorized shade scenes. Scenes like “Winter Warm” open the shades to take advantage of natural, warming sunlight and give the HVAC system a break. “Summer Cool” lowers the shades and blocks out solar heat gain, which helps with cooling costs.

Create additional savings by integrating motorized shades to work alongside your property’s HVAC and lighting systems. With an intuitive control system, everything can be managed from one easy-to-use interface that your tenants will love.

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