iOS Control

Through the latest technology from Apple, you can manage the comfort of your home in almost every facet of daily life. This serves as a type of universal, whereby it lets you control the controllers.


Control any room with just a touch and experience your home in a new way with our free, award-winning app.


The ultimate mobile control app for home, office, or classroom. Easily integrates Apple® iOS® and Android™ devices with the Crestron® Control System to monitor and control lights, shades, media, climate, security, and more from anywhere with a mobile broadband or Wi-Fi® connection.


With the URC Mobile App, smartphones and tablets turn into A/V and home automation handheld controllers. This works for both iOS and Android devices and makes it easy for everyone in the home to manage and control entertainment, lights, thermostats, door locks and more while at home or even while away on vacation.


Pick a room. Pick a song. Hit play. Choose what to play, where to play it, and how loud. In one room or all over your home. Track down songs across all your music services with a single search. Create playlists in an instant. The Sonos app does it all.


Using a great deal of innovation, and an unusual commitment to every detail of product design, RTI’s passion is to create products that enhance the user experience – each and every day they are used. To us, a product that is intuitive, durable, and reliable is not good enough. RTI demands the product experience not only be functional, but also enjoyable.

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